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The Black is Tech Conference

The Black is Tech Conference will bring thousands of tech enthusiasts in the Black Community for a day of exhibitions, seminars and everything tech.

This event is a continuation of the movement to create a stronger presence of the black community in the tech ecosystem.

The event will include Seminars and Panel Discussions led by seasoned Tech Entrepreneurs in the tech community (Some of the names you already know. TBA). There will also be a large exhibit Hall of Startups with black founders as well as some of the popular tech companies in the industry.

There will be smaller talk sessions on the current state of tech and other trending topics including Artificial Intelligence, Blockchain, and more. There will be games, networking and more at this event. The Black is Tech Conference hopes to be an all -inclusive event that touches various areas of technology.

Note: We are not making this event only for the Techie. This is for anyone who is excited about technology and the many ways it has and continues to make the world a much better place. It will also be a good platform to show the contributions of the black industry to technology. There is a little tech in all of us... So Techies and Non-Techies are welcome.