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AERO Conference (Alternative Education Resource Organization)

After months of going back and forth and searching ways to have the best conference we can, we are now announcing what will be a very special 15th conference that nobody should miss. We are also entering our 30th year. We're going back to our roots with the theme, "The Spectrum of Democratic Education." 

Of course, to do this properly we had to go back to Summerhill, the grandparent of all democratic schools, founded by A.S. Neill in 1921. Therefore, for his first time in the United States we are bringing Henry Readhead, a teacher at Summerhill, graduate of Summerhill, and grandson of Summerhill founder A.S. Neill. He has recently been speaking in many places around the world to rave reviews, most recently at the IDEC in Israel where we last met him. One IDEC attendee commented, "Henry's talks were by far the most interesting to me. His first-person stories about Summerhill and his down-to-earth approach are fascinating!"