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It is hard to believe we are winding down following a hugely successful second summer on Governors Island. And what a season of play it has been! We have welcomed 8,000 kids to our 50,000 square foot playground since we opened in May - and that’s just at the weekends! Another 160 kids attended summer camp, and we continue to serve school groups and educators, as well as host birthday parties on site. This summer we made mud, built forts, walked the plank, bartered, dug and dreamed big. And all of this amazing play wouldn’t have been possible without your help. Thanks to all of you who visited, volunteered, donated, and entrusted your kids to us over the past five months. We feel confident they would say it was worth it!

We hear a lot from kids about why play:ground is special: “you get to build it yourself;” “there are no adults allowed!” “it’s fun!” “it’s messy!” - but this season we’ve also heard from the parents about why play:groundNYC is unique. One supporter whose child was enrolled in camp wrote on our Facebook page:

Why kids love play:ground camp:

Parent: “What did you do in the rain?"

Child: “Played.”

Parent: “Where?”

Child: “In the rain.” 


While we believe what we are offering is not only special, but crucial right now, and that risk-taking (and playing in the rain) is essential to a child’s well-being, it’s wonderful to hear this reinforced through all of your trust and support.

In other news, we received some great press this season, including a piece about us on CBS News and a recent article in Toca Boca magazine. We also kicked off exciting new conversations with community groups and trained playworkers from across the city and across the pond!

 We accomplished all of this on a very small budget, with a dedicated team of staff and volunteer Board members at our helm. In order to remain open at no cost on the weekends we rely on your generous support. Your donations are crucial to our existence: enabling us to provide free programs, train playworkers, and source the materials and tools that make junk play possible. But we’d love to open earlier and close later next year - 12-4pmjust isn’t enough hours of play! - so here’s how you can help support the work we do and ensure that children across New York City have to the chance to visit, explore and play for longer, and at no cost for entry

  • Consider making a donation. Your generous gift will  provide more play in 2018.
  • We are always looking for help both out front (literally, the greeting desk) to back-stage (marketing, organizing school visits, writing grants and so much more). If you love play:groundNYC and want to see it continue to grow and develop, please consider joining our team by filling out this information.
  • Join us for an end of year celebration at play:ground on Sunday, October 15 from 12-4! Meet us and our fantastic team of playworkers and find out more about our mission and the work we do across the city. Food, drink and fun guaranteed, and free admission! No rain date - come play one last time -  rain or shine - before we close our doors till Spring 2018. Visit our Facebook pageto sign up.

Now more than ever we need to encourage our children to rise to life’s challenges, take risks and test their limits. We firmly believe that all young people, regardless of demographic status, deserve access to spaces where they can dream, build and create, and it is our aim to provide this.

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