Vegan sushi, and more!


What we eat:

We grow very little here- neem (a multi-purpose medicinal plant), aloe, pineapple, mango, starfruit, and some herbs like rosella, a lemony leaf that we add to many dishes. We mostly live off of organic crops grown responsibly in neighboring villages so as to foster and maintain healthy relationships with the larger community around us. The food we eat is vegan and delicious and ridiculously simple. For breakfast there is usually some kind of porridge (sweet with cinnamon, my favorite, or savory with onions and tomatoes), along with a fruit salad usually pineapple and papaya and sometimes the most amazing jackfruit. There is always some kind of banana as well; my favorite is banana mixed with cinnamon and sesame seeds. Lunch is usually beans, rice, or lentils, salad of tomatoes and chow chow (an Indian fruit like a more hearty cucumber) with tons of lemon juice dressing, and soup. Dinner is also well balanced with a grain, salad and fruit. And sometimes, more soup. I’m loving this. At first I thought that eating soup in 110 degree weather would be torturous, but actually, because it’s warmer than your body temperature it helps you cool off. Your body doesn’t have to work hard to process it. Cold water, on the other hand, while it feels like it’s cooling you off, actually makes you warmer because of the energy your body has to use to bring it to body temperature so it can be processed.

Anyone who wants to can be the chef and I’ve gotten to make some awesome meals. There are tons of grains here that I’d never heard of that are gluten-free and delicious. I think my favorite is ragi, a purple-ish, mealy grain that makes amazing sweet breakfast porridge. I’m in heaven. My friends from NY, David and Kathleen, who introduced me to Sadhana, arrived last week and David goes out of his way to make extra gluten-free food for me. He is an excellent chef. David has a Cookbook project that strives to document recipes and food traditions of not-well-documented cultures. He will leave here to travel around India and Nepal for 6 months, documenting recipes.