Skills I never imagined having...


Skills I am learning through Sevas:

Chopping tree trunks and branches with a saw and machete to prevent termites from eating the huts

Cooking for 50-100 people

Washing dishes with a coconut head as a sponge and ash as the soap

Adjusting, rotating, and cleaning solar panels

Using a water pump

Filling water towers

How make a tree bund

How to make a compost cover

Building dams 

Estimating food for a given amount of people 

Keeping bugs away from food in outdoor kitchens 

Cooking new foods! lentils and beets and coconut, oh my! 

How to be zen 

How to live in nature

Brushing teeth with a branch from a Neem tree 

Making Neem paste for wounds 

Knowing how long different foods take to compost (raw, citrus, cooked)