Seva (and Electricity)


The work I do here is meaningful in a different way than teaching. I suppose that what I provide for my classroom is what Sadhana provides for me: meaningful structure. However, along with teaching my students there is a ton of stuff that I don’t enjoy doing, that stresses me out, that brings on anxiety and pressure, and just plain isn’t fun. Sadhana work is different and I keep thinking that maybe it will wear off but it hasn’t yet. Everything I do all day long has a purpose and I love doing it and I’m not stressed or anxious in the least. It is a new kind of peace and a new feeling of living for me.

India has power-outages multiple times a day. Fortunately I don’t experience that much because Sadhana runs on solar power. I got to be in charge of the solar panels for a week and it was an immense feeling to know that I was rotating solar panels for maximum absorption and using that power to fill our water tanks, which provide for the whole community. I was humbled and overwhelmed to realize the importance of this job and feel so proud to do it. All sevas (service to the community) are like this. I’ve also been in charge of kitchen hygiene, which is cleaning the kitchen and filling up the dishwashing buckets and taking precautions to keep bugs out of the food cabinets and sift stove ash so we have cleaning agents for the dishes. Every single little detail of this community has been so well thought out that the impact of the impact have been taken into account. For example, there is a small pool (about the size of a hot tub for 5-6 people) that also gets filled everyday. Every morning it gets drained and the pipe system is laid out so that the draining water feeds the forest. Woah. I know.