Sadhana Forest Community Value: Veganism

Veganism is the idea that every living thing deserves to not only live, but to live a peaceful life. Vegans do not eat any products from living or dead animals or use any products that were tested on animals or use animal byproducts. Vegans are trying to live as peaceful, cooperative, and non-violent a life as possible, which also means being peaceful towards animals.

 The animal product industry is incredibly violent, not just because it can directly result in an animal’s death, but also in the harvesting of animal byproducts.  In order for people to eat eggs, we use the female hen but guess what happens to the male? Have you ever though about how violent it is to get milk from a cow? The cow has to have a child in order to produce milk for it’s offspring, so the cow has to be forcefully impregnated, over and over again, and then the calf has to be separated from it’s mother. This is stressful for baby cow and it’s mother, not to mention violent for people who work in this industry and have to separate mom from child or kill animals.

 All mammals drink milk from their mothers when they are young. Human milk is made for humans. Cow milk is made for calves. No species other than humans drink milk past their infancy stage, or drink the milk of another animal. That’s not what it’s there for.

 I recognize that not everyone in the world has the ability to be vegan. In some cultures and climates food choices are limited to what is available. But if you have the choice, why not be vegan?