How much water can you really conserve?


Informational Signage

I believe in informational signage.
Signage that teaches.
Signage that shows you another perspective.
Signage that is clever.

Halfway through my year at Sadhana Forest I began thinking about ways to make the physical community “show” more. 

As a visual learner I know that many people need to see something and allow it time to sink it. Visuals create repetition, which create habit. You can already experience Sadhana Forest through taking a tour and hearing about all of the ways we’re sustainable, reading about it on our website, taking photos when you visit, and absorbing it through experience. Now you can also get the numbers, the cold, hard statistics. 

In an effort to increase ecological awareness through resource management, the “why” of our community actions, I researched, designed and painted these informational boards, using materials from our Recycling Hut.