Hearts of the World


Through the New York art scene I was introduced to friends of friends who have a project called Hearts of the World. They travel to the far reaches of the planet inspiring children to follow their dreams, overcome their fears, and discover their ideas and choices about life. I was excited to be able to invite them to Children’s Land, at Sadhana Forest, a project that gives maximum choice to local children in the form of unschooling. Hearts of the World talked with the children, explored their emotions, and gave them free reign to imagine their world. It was very powerful. Next the children were given blank anatomical heart outlines to paint with their dreams for themselves and the world. As I looked around the hut I could see that the children took this workshop very seriously. It was important to them.

Hearts of the World is creating sacred, special moments where children can look at, discover, and explore themselves and their world through creative self-expression. Hearts of the World, I salute you.