Children's Land


Children’s Land:

Sadhana has a community within a community called Children’s Land that will be all of my sevas this week. It is a large outdoor garden/recycled art playground where kids from other communities come to play in a safe and creative space with eco/environmental overtones. We plant and dig and eat fruit off the trees. I’m excited to engage more with kids from the community and to see an entirely different side of Sadhana.

During the week we clean and fix up Children’s Land.  A tarp cover is down and has holes so that takes 3 days to fix. Then on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays the children come in the morning. Friday is a group from an orphanage. They are rough, scrappy kids who push our limits by not listening and being dangerous. They are tough to get close to. Saturdays and Sundays bring kids from nearby schools, in their uniforms, excited to practice their English and make art with us. They paint our faces, make and play musical instruments with us, climb tress, and teach us about the fruits we can and cannot eat. Then, before their van comes, we all go into the community to jump on the trampoline that was gifted by the founding families grandmother.

One time in Children’s Land we looked up and saw 3 huge cows galloping through Children’s Land. The children all scurried up the trees, and the three grownups ran towards the cows. They were running in circles at this point, trampling our gardens, the kids laughing wildly. We realized that the front gate had been left open so silently and simultaneously we began to form a circle around the cows and slowly moved in to make the circle smaller. Sure enough, it got too small for the cows and they ran out the way they came in. They ran so hard the ground shook. The kids climbed down and cheered for us. It was a heart-thumping day.