Birds Surround


Almost every morning I hear a clacking sound like a baby woodpecker pecking plastic. For days I couldn’t figure it out. Then I caught them in action. The hummingbirds are pecking at themselves in my mirror! What do they think they see? Other hummingbirds? Are they trying to free them? It’s so perplexing!

As the summer is here in full swing I’ve seen so many different birds. There are the crows that imitate every other bird, birds that sound like they’re screaming “vegan!”, little brightly colored fast-swooping birds, and medium-size black and white quick-and-straight-as-an-arrow flying birds. There are peacock families who always look surprised to see me, and occasionally a small owl in the trees.

After returning from a recent trip I found an empty bird’s nest hanging under my hut with its hard oval exterior of intertwined twigs and soft feather-wallpaper inside. At night while brushing my teeth I took another peek. There was a small bird sitting inside with a long, crooked beak. This bird came back every night for weeks. If I got too close it would quickly dart out, always returning the next evening. And then, one day, it was gone.